Sshhh! Keep this between you and me, but I heard that you use the spacebar or Z key to jump!

Keep this under your hat, but my sources tell me that you can use the escape key to pause the game!

Keep this on the down-low, but if you can beat my high score of 650 points, you can unlock a secret music track!

music featured:

Cyborg Ninja by Kevin MacLeod

Spinning Gears (short loop) from playonloop

Reckless Getaway (short loop) from playonloop

Galaxy Force (short loop) from playonloop

Rocket Station (short loop) from playonloop

And I gotta give credit to Games Plus James, this game was birthed from one of his very well made tutorials:

Games Plus James - Unity Endless Runner Tutorial

Play my other weird games here:

Feel free to express in the comments your violent hate or undying praise. Nothing in between.

Published Jan 23, 2017
Made withUnity
TagsDating Sim, hentai, infinite-runner, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button


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why is this tagged with "dating sim" and "hentai"?