Sshhh! Keep this between you and me, but I heard that you use the spacebar, up arrow or C key to jump!

Keep this under your hat, but my sources tell me that you can use the escape key to pause the game!

Keep this on the down-low, but there's a downloadable version of City Escape that has more music!


music featured:

Spinning Gears (short loop) from playonloop

Reckless Getaway (short loop) from playonloop

Galaxy Force (short loop) from playonloop

Rocket Station (short loop) from playonloop

"Cyborg Ninja", "The Lift", "Airship Serenity",  "Shiny Tech II" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

And I gotta give credit to Games Plus James, this game was birthed from one of his very well made tutorials:

Games Plus James - Unity Endless Runner Tutorial


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Feel free to express in the comments your violent hate or undying praise. Nothing in between.


CityEscape 36 MB

Development log


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why is this tagged with "dating sim" and "hentai"?